Basic pistol package for 2014 

Starting at $3,500.00 u.s.d

**For all pistol to include customer supplied pistols. **

We focus on performance here at Durning Defense, Fit and finish are not just on the outside of a qaulity weapon. With a combination of precise machining and hand finishing we achieve the best possible fit with out scarifying reliability. We build in accuracy and reliability to every project and use only the highest quality in tool steel and bar-stock components. All you have left to do is to choice how you want the pistol too look, in finish and machining aspects. The following is a brief overview of the functions and parts used in your build.

Basic pistol package  features,

Match grade accuracy package
  • Hand fit Kart barrel
  • Machine honed EGW barrel bushing
  • Forged steel EGW HD slide stop
  • EGW barrel link and drill rod pin 
  • Machine honed barrel tunnel and locking lugs 
  • Marvel disconnector cut 
  • Flush cut and 11 degree target or 4 degree deep recessed crown.

      Pistols are guaranteed to shot less than .750 @ 25 yards for a 5 shot grouping. We test all pistols for accuracy using Stan Chen (legacy) or Black Hills match grade ammunition on our ransom rest.

Reliability package 

  • Machined barrel feed ramp to correct angle, width and depth.
  • Ramp and throat barrel.
  • EGW HD tuned extractor.
  • EGW oversize firing pin stop.
  • ISMI tuned spring package .
  • EGW extended ejector tuned for left hand ejection pattern.
  • Drill rod pin set
  • Standard wound spring with Full length guide rod, standard G.I pattern recoil system or EGW Full length guide rod and flat wire recoil spring. 
  • 200 round function testing.

Trigger job,

            Trigger job pull weights are from 3.0lbs to 5.0lbs the customer can choice a pull weight in between these numbers or can choose a lighter pull at additional cost.

  • EGW solid or lightened tool steel hammer.
  • EGW hard sear.
  • EGW ball head disconnect.
  • Choice of long, medium, short or flat triggers.
  • ISMI mainspring.
  • Colt sear spring.
  • EGW mainspring housing.
  • EGW HD single or Wilson combat bulletproof ambidextrous thumb safety lock.
  • Les Baer grip safety.
  • EGW stainless steel hammer strut

         Trigger pulls below 3.0 to 2.5 add $45.00 u.s.d, customer is responsible for choosing a trigger weight that is applicable to there skill level.

Small parts and other features,

  • Customer can choice from 20, 25 and 30 lines per inch machine checkering.
  • Ported magazine well.
  • EGW extended bar stock plunger tube.
  • EGW stainless steel grips screws.
  • EGW bar-stock magazine catch.
  • EGW hex head grip and magazine catch screws.
  • Kim Ahrends wooden or Larry Davidson G-10 grips.
  • Two Durning custom gold medallions install in grips. 
  • Two tuned Chip McCormick or Wilson Combat magazines. 
  • Pelican 1400 series hard carrying case. 
  • Contract agreement.
  • Pistol outline and specification.
  • Test target.
  • Warranty.

*All parts are inspected,fitted and blended to the frame or slide.*

Standard carry DE-horn includes,

  • Muzzle.
  • Ejection port.
  • Rear of slide.
  • Beveled slide bottom.
  • Grip safety and frame area.
  • Dust cover.
  • Magazine well. 
  • Thumb safety, slide lock engagement areas on slide.
  • Front and rear sight.
  • Slide stop.
  • Magazine catch.
  • Plunger tube.
  • Grips.


  • All pistol lines are straightened.

Customer has a basic finish choice of  the following, We also work with Metaloy Industries for Hard chrome at addition cost. Hard chrome due to the amount of prep time involved is $450.00 u.s.d

  • 320 grit polished flats with matte blasted rounds and hot salt blued in house.
  • One color coating with parkerizing base coat. 
  • Stainless steel with be finished to 220 flats with matte blasted rounds. 
  • Barrel hoods are left polished.
  • Barrel bushings, trigger and hammer are stainless steel and left finished in a fine glass bead.

Coated pistols can choose to have the Barrel hood coated, bushing and trigger to match

Personalized upgrades, all upgrades are at addition costs.

  • Front cocking serrations.
  • Flat top with serrations.
  • Flat top with arrow pattern.
  • Ball radius slide cuts.
  • Heavy machine carry bevel slide.
  • Countersink slide stop pin hole and shorten slide stop.
  • Omit Durning custom on slide.
  • Hand selected high grade wooden grips.
  • Hand selected Ivory girps.
  • Browning High power style carry cuts.
  • Serrated round top slide.
  • Sig cuts on slide.
  • Serrate or checker rear of slide face.
  • Barsto bull barrel.
  • Carry and competition compensator. 
  • Smith and Alexander magazine well with super port.
  • Stan Chen magazine suite.
  • Magazine well carry cuts.
  • Lanyard loop. 

Please contact us for a quote on personalized upgrades.

The possibilities are endless for your personalized project.

Best regards,

Anthony Durning

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